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  • Yellow Jackets
    Fascinating insects, yellow jackets are aggressive wasps that like to eat rotting fruits and meat. Many people fear yellow jackets for their reputation as quick to sting. Yet they are just trying to protect themselves and their nests. Inside the nest are larvae that they care for and feed and which,..
    Ex Tax: R300.00
  • Yochons
    Readers will learn all the particulars that make yochons a special designer dog. With a fun subject and engaging text, this book will explain a variety of details about the yochon’s parent breeds, appearance, temperament and more. Readers will become experts on this mix and how to take care of it be..
    Ex Tax: R330.00
  • Yorkipoos
    Readers will learn what makes the yorkipoo tick as they turn the pages of this engaging title. Everything from looks, to choosing and caring for a dog, to what a designer dog is, is covered. Readers will get to know this lovable mix while they familiarize themselves with the features of a nonfiction..
    Ex Tax: R330.00
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