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  • Logic Puzzles
    Readers test their logic skills through a series of fun exercises designed to give the brain a workout! Word problems and problems depicted through pictures present different kinds of logic puzzles that utilize different sets of important skills. In addition to basic logic, these problems also help ..
    R345.00 Ex Tax: R345.00
  • Number Puzzles
    Math problems are fun when they’re told through engaging puzzles and colorful illustrations. Number puzzles introduce readers to new, entertaining ways to practice math skills, including addition, multiplication, and division. Whether they’re finding a missing number or solving a variety of other ki..
    R345.00 Ex Tax: R345.00
  • Pattern Puzzles
    Patterns provide engaging, colorful ways for readers to practice a variety of skills, including math and logic. Readers work to complete patterns shown through vibrant, detailed illustrations. Each puzzle allows readers to practice a different skill, including basic math skills such as multiplicatio..
    R345.00 Ex Tax: R345.00
  • Picture Puzzles
    Picture puzzles test a variety of skills that are important for readers to develop. Each puzzle in this volume is designed with a specific focus, including determining matching pairs, finding differences between similar images, and using text clues to solve colorful picture puzzles. Readers also pra..
    R345.00 Ex Tax: R345.00
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