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  • Beekeeping
    More and more people, including teens, are discovering the pleasures and rewards of keeping honeybees. In addition to the sweet honey they produce, bees are critical for pollinating many plants and food crops. In this entertaining and enlightening title, the author first provides general information..
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  • Community Gardens
    In community gardens, people of all ages work together to improve their communities, turning abandoned lots and other plots of land into vibrant green spaces. Community gardens beautify neighborhoods, provide residents with nutritious food and flowers, and serve as places to meet and socialize. This..
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  • Composting
    Composting is a way to speed up the natural process of decomposition and return organic materials to the soil. Instead of throwing away organic waste, items such as fruit and vegetable scraps, eggshells, coffee grounds, and yard trimmings can be composted. The result is a dark, crumbly material that..
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  • With Web 2.0 tools, students have creative options for book reports that go beyond the traditional plot summaries and dioramas. Teens can use digital storytelling tools to share information about their books and generate enthusiasm for reading. The author discusses a variety of options for creatin..
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  • I Have a Food Allergy. Now What?
    According to the World Allergy Organization, between 220 and 520 million people across the globe suffer with food allergies. Many foods can elicit an allergy, so this book introduces several of the most predominant triggers--including wheat--their effects, and some surprising places where they might..
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  • I Have an Alcoholic Parent. Now What?
    Recognizing and understanding the behavior of an alcoholic parent, as well as the impact it has on the child of an alcoholic, are important first steps toward physical well-being and emotional healing. This resource provides detailed information about the kinds of behaviors to look for, what constit..
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  • I Have an Eating Disorder. Now What?
    In a world steeped with media images of unrealistic bodies and new diet fads, many of those at highest risk for disordered eating don’t have access to accurate, straightforward information. This compelling guide to a variety of eating disorders—including anorexia nervosa, bulimia, and other lesser k..
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  • I Have an STD. Now What?
    Many young adults are caught completely by surprise when they find out they have been infected with a sexually transmitted disease (STD). One reason is that they might know little about STDs. This informational text separates rumors, 48, and misconceptions from the medical facts. Teens find out what..
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  • I Have Been Bullied. Now What?
    You know people who have been bullied; we all do. Even President Barack Obama has childhood memories of having been a target. For whatever reason, one of the unfortunate rites of passage of childhood and adolescence is either witnessing or directly suffering from bullying. Although bullying is an al..
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  • I Have Been Sexually Abused. Now What?
    Sexual abuse of children and teens is shockingly common, not to mention underreported and under prosecuted. Fortunately, research and education are helping to change that. The trauma of sexual abuse may lead to further long-term symptoms such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, eating disorders, and subst..
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  • I’ve Been Racially Profiled. Now What?
    Racial profiling is a serious problem for many of today’s teens. This volume explains what racial profiling is, who is likely to be targeted, and how to deal with the police if you are singled out. Readers will learn about the racial bias in the American justice and prison systems, as well as how to..
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  • Jarring and Canning
    The urban farming movement continues to grow in popularity, and many urban farmers often find themselves with a surplus of produce. Through canning and jarring, urban farmers can continue to enjoy their crops throughout the winter. This guide to jarring and canning includes tips on what to do with a..
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