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  • Accuracy in Media
    Now that anyone with a keyboard and an Internet connection can be a virtual journalist, a growing concern among professionals is accuracy in reporting. This book asks what exactly does it take to become a professional journalist and which ones should readers trust. It also teaches readers to spot re..
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  • Digital Content Creation
    Journalism is transitioning from print to digital faster than ever, and this book teaches students how to keep up in this rapidly changing environment. The digital revolution has changed how news is distributed. It has also shifted the roles and responsibilities of journalists. Readers learn about h..
    R375.00 Ex Tax: R375.00
  • Ethics and Digital Citizenship
    Now that virtually anyone can become a journalist, from bloggers to citizens recording an event with a smartphone, the teaching of journalism ethics is more important than ever. This book covers the essentials for students growing up in the digital age. Addressed is the importance of the news and ne..
    R375.00 Ex Tax: R375.00
  • Gathering and Sharing Digital Information
    With the digital revolution, the media world has changed so much over the past decade. As a result, this book is required reading for serious students of journalism. It asks the question, what is a journalist in the digital age? With anyone able to create a blog or curate online news, the line betwe..
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  • How Policy and Profit Shape Content
    Money and journalistic integrity have often been at odds throughout history. Yet today, with newspaper business models struggling, there has been more tension than ever. This book goes behind the scenes and teaches readers about past and present newspaper profit models, and how big money can influen..
    R375.00 Ex Tax: R375.00
  • Privacy and Digital Security
    In the digital age, journalists have to be concerned about privacy and security like never before. This book teaches students of media about this brave new world. Journalists today need to protect their information and sources in unprecedented ways. Readers also learn how data encryption works. When..
    R375.00 Ex Tax: R375.00
  • Student Journalism and Media Literacy
    This comprehensive resource covers everything student journalists need to know in a rapidly changing media landscape. Approachable and non-intimidating, this book features important concepts and examples from current school publications from around the country. Foremost, it teaches skills such as th..
    R1,275.00 Ex Tax: R1,275.00
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