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  • Answer!
    Analysis means looking at the data from an experiment and determining if the results support or disprove your hypothesis. This volume explains how to do this through accurate data collection as well as exploring different methods of analyzing data, including creating graphic organizers. Kids will le..
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  • Atoms
    Atoms may be microscopic but they make up everything you see and even everything you don’t see—like air. With this book, readers will journey into that microscopic realm of physical science to better understand the atom, its various components, and how they interact to form all the matter around us...
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  • Different States of Matter
    If liquids, solids, and gases are all matter, why are these states of matter so different from one another? Set forth in simple language, this volume explains how matter is formed, how it can change states, and how its states are unique. It will leave students with a better understanding of the phys..
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  • Discoveries in Physics that Changed the World
    Eureka! We have it and so can you—a discovery-packed book that makes the world of physics understandable, engaging, and fun! And that’s a very good thing, because physics is all around us, responsible for everything from why balls bounce to why the stars in the sky shine—so we might as well understa..
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  • Discovering Dark Matter
    The discoveries in physics that inform current dark matter theory, everything from Newtonian gravity to Einstein's relativity to the Higgs-Bosun, are examined in this authoritative guide. It examines the biggest question facing physicists today: if we are only seeing about four percent of matter in ..
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  • Discovering Quantum Mechanics
    By the end of the nineteenth century, physicists had developed working theories to explain most of the questions relating to the observable world. In 1900, Max Planck set out to answer a simple question related to light bulbs. He had no idea his work would open the door to a new branch of physics—Qu..
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  • Discovering Relativity
    Scientists throughout history have made amazing discoveries, but few findings have rocked our world and our view of our place in the universe like the theory of relativity. Albert Einstein's observations and studies leading up to this game-changing discovery are recounted here, as are modern-day app..
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  • Discovering the Nature of Gravity
    Gravity is now so universally accepted, it seems almost impossible to believe that for millennia, the force remained unknown. Yet it wasn’t until a few brilliant minds—standing on the shoulders of the giants before them—began asking the right questions that we could explain why we don’t float off th..
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  • Gases
    Though one of the three most common states of matter on 31, gases, as they are most often invisible, can be tough for young students to conceptualize. This book offers clarity in the form of straightforward diagrams and easy-to-understand text. Readers will comprehend such physical science concepts ..
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  • Guess!
    A hypothesis is an educated guess, and this volume breaks down the necessary steps to forming a good one. Chapters focus on showing kids how to make scientific observations, how to find good sources for research, and tips for staying organized. Students will learn how to test and revise a hypothesis..
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  • Liquids
    Have you ever seen an insect walk on water? How can it do that? Because of the special property exclusive to liquids called surface tension. Readers will solve this and a number of other mysteries surrounding this state of matter as they learn about its various properties. Colorful diagrams and phot..
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  • Look!
    The focus in this book is on the first step of the scientific method. Readers will learn how to identify a topic that interests them and to narrow it down to a more specific question that they want to answer. They will learn how to make scientific observations, form scientific questions, conduct res..
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