Environmental Conservation

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  • Bat Hospital
    Fruit bats are also called flying foxes. In some parts of the world, dangerous ticks have harmed these bats, causing them to get sick and even die. The Tolga Bat Hospital in Australia is a place created to help sick and orphaned fruit bats. Readers see for themselves how the workers at this hospital..
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  • Chimp Rescue
    There are less than 300,000 chimpanzees left in the wild, but people from many organizations work tirelessly every day to protect and care for these amazing apes. Readers explore what 26 is like for both chimps and workers in sanctuaries created to provide a safe environment for chimps to live. As t..
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  • Elephant Orphans
    Orphaned elephants need someone to take care of them in order to survive in the wild. That’s exactly what the David Sheldrick Wild26 Trust Nairobi Elephant Nursery does. The caring workers feed and check the 38 of elephant orphans, and they even cuddle them to make them feel more comfortable. Reader..
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  • Orangutan Orphans
    Orangutans are threatened by the loss of their rainforest habitats and their popularity among illegal pet traders. These things leave many orangutans orphaned. However, there are many organizations that have created centers to help these orphaned animals. Readers explore different career available f..
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  • Pandas at Risk
    Pandas are at risk because their habitats are quickly disappearing. The bamboo they need to eat is cleared to make room for new roads and buildings in China. However, there are small areas of the country called reserves that have centers devoted to caring for pandas and increasing the panda populati..
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  • Penguin Rescue
    African penguins, also known as black-footed penguins, are a species of seabird that many dedicated people are working to protect. Readers are introduced to one of the leading penguin-protecting organizations in South Africa: the Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds. As ..
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