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  • Antibullying Clubs
    One of the best ways to combat bullying is to help students realize that they’re not alone in wanting it to stop, and antibullying clubs are a great way to do just that. From understanding bullying itself to becoming witnesses instead of bystanders, this volume is a helpful resource for organizing, ..
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  • Bullies
    Bullying and school violence are two of the greatest issues in the forefront of today’s society. This book will guide readers through understanding how and why bullying happens, as well as how to cope when they witness bullying. “Tell Me More” sections supplement the text with helpful tips to overco..
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  • Gluten Intolerance
    Gluten intolerance is being diagnosed more than ever, which makes it an important issue for today’s young readers. Using age-appropriate language, this book helps readers gain an understanding of the symptoms and dangers of gluten intolerance. Readers will learn the difference between gluten intoler..
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  • How to Deal with an Adult Bully
    When a child is bullied by one of his or her peers, it can be a very painful and scary experience. When an adult bullies a child, it can be even more so. This book arms children who have been or currently are being bullied by adults with the knowledge of how they can put an end to this unacceptable ..
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  • Loss and Grief
    The death of a loved one is a heartbreaking event in a child’s 26. This book will guide readers through the feelings and questions they might have after such a loss. Readers will learn what grief is and how it is different for each person. Readers are encouraged to accept their feelings and talk the..
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  • Moving
    Moving can be a time of confusion and worry, especially for kids. This book tactfully explores the feelings that come with moving, and offers strategies for readjusting to the changes. Through relatable language, this book teaches readers about the importance of accepting their feelings and expressi..
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  • Online Safety
    The Internet can be one of the most useful tools for young learners. It can also open them up to dangerous situations and inappropriate content. This book teaches readers how to use the Internet responsibly. It addresses relevant issues, including social networking, online gaming, and cyber bullying..
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  • Peanut and Other Food Allergies
    Food allergies are on the rise, and they’ve become a growing concern in classrooms everywhere. This book introduces readers to the science behind allergies, as well as real-world tips for how to control food allergies and be considerate to people who suffer from food allergies. Supplemented by color..
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  • Smartphone Bullying
    With texting, emailing, and social media accessible via smartphones, bullying is more difficult to avoid than ever before. But kids don’t need to feel trapped by or scared of their smartphones. This volume teaches students how to handle bullies in this technological age, stay safe, and even prevent ..
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  • What to Do When You Are Bullied for Being Different
    Bullying can happen to anyone, but it often happens to kids who are somehow different from their peers. Being a member of a minority or having a disability can a child a target for bullying. Learn how to resist bullying practices, such as exclusion, rumors, and insensitive language in this informati..
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  • What to Do When Your Brother or Sister Is a Bully
    Sibling rivalry isn’t always harmless. Even though all brothers and sisters fight sometimes, this fighting can escalate to bullying. Living in the same house with a bully can be very difficult. It can also be hard to talk to family members about these issues. Instructive text and up-to-date anti-bul..
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  • What to Do When Your Friends Are Bullies
    Bullies aren’t always enemies, sometimes they can be close friends. But what can a kid do when speaking up may ruin a cherished friendship? There are several approaches that can be taken, from speaking with the friend about his behavior to buddying up and more. With these savvy tips provided in a se..
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