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  • More Christmas Origami
    Though the Japanese art of paper folding is an ancient tradition, it still delights young and old today. This second volume of Christmas origami projects will appeal to all. Using colored paper or even recycled wrapping paper, readers will be able to make decorations and even small gifts for friends..
    R300.00 Ex Tax: R300.00
  • More Halloween Origami
    Halloween can be a creepy holiday, and young origami artists will love making it creepier by constructing their own Halloween decorations using the art of paper folding. While creating origami skulls, vampires, witches, spiders, and more, readers will discover why this intriguing imagery is linked w..
    R330.00 Ex Tax: R330.00
  • More Hanukkah Origami
    Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights, isn't just one special day, but eight. Through the thoughtful text and engaging projects in this high-interest book, a follow-up to its popular predecessor, readers will explore more symbols that reflect the beliefs and traditions surrounding this Jewish holiday. Th..
    R300.00 Ex Tax: R300.00
  • More Thanksgiving Origami
    People like to prepare for holiday celebrations by decorating with symbols and reminders of the special time. Thanksgiving is a day steeped in history and tradition, and the origami projects in this second book of Thanksgiving activities reflect this in a fun way. Beginner and advanced origami artis..
    R330.00 Ex Tax: R330.00
  • More Valentine's Day Origami
    Valentine's Day is a holiday bursting with gifts, and homemade gifts are the most heartfelt of all. This sweet book enables artistic readers to make a number of origami gifts for their valentines, including a heart with wings, a red rose, and a teddy bear. They'll be amazed how a few basic technique..
    R300.00 Ex Tax: R300.00
  • St. Patrick's Day Origami
    St. Patrick's Day is usually known as a fun holiday of parades, music, and people dressed in green from head to toe. Readers may wonder about the images associated with St. Patrick's Day, though. They may question what a leprechaun is and wonder why a shamrock has come to symbolize the Irish people...
    R330.00 Ex Tax: R330.00
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