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  • Ambulances
    What vehicle can take you to the hospital very quickly if you’re sick or hurt? It’s an ambulance. Young readers learn about the different parts of an ambulance—from its lights to its siren—and the EMTs who work in ambulances. Simple, accessible text is accompanied by a helpful, detailed picture glos..
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  • Armored Trucks
    Armored trucks are designed to keep valuables, such as money and jewelry, safe. Young readers discover how these trucks and the people who ride in them protect their cargo. Facts about armored trucks are presented through simple, accessible text. These facts are accompanied by colorful images of arm..
    R300.00 Ex Tax: R300.00
  • Cement Mixers
    Cement is used to make roads and buildings, and this material is mixed, carried, and poured by its own kind of truck. Cement mixers are common vehicles at construction sites, and now young readers can learn how these cool machines work. Detailed photographs of cement mixers correspond to fun facts a..
    R300.00 Ex Tax: R300.00
  • Fire Trucks
    Fire tucks are common sights on the road, but how do they help firefighters do their job? Readers discover the answer to this question along with many other fun facts about fire trucks and the firefighters who ride in them. Vibrant photographs of these vehicles are presented alongside relevant text ..
    R300.00 Ex Tax: R300.00
  • Let's Ride the City Bus!
    Everything a young rider needs to know about the city bus is right here. Riding procedures and history, as well as the various types of city buses in use today are presented in simple language and illustrated with dynamic photographs...
    R300.00 Ex Tax: R300.00
  • Let's Ride the School Bus!
    Did you know that the first school bus was built in 1827 and pulled by horses? That’s just one fascinating tidbits that students will learn as they work their way through this book. Textual and visual information maximize comprehension...
    R300.00 Ex Tax: R300.00
  • Let's Ride the Streetcar!
    Trolleys, trams, or streetcars—they’re fun to ride no matter what you call them! This book offers a useful overview of streetcars from around the nation and the world, explaining their history and mechanics. It combines simple text with engaging photography to engage the reader and aid in comprehens..
    R300.00 Ex Tax: R300.00
  • Let's Ride the Subway!
    Emerging readers are bound for new places with the carefully crafted language, eye-catching photographs, and interesting details found within this book. It teaches the basics of taking the subway and presents fun facts about some of the most famous subway systems in the world...
    R300.00 Ex Tax: R300.00
  • Let's Take the Ferry!
    Taking the ferry is an interesting—and fun—way to travel. This mode of nautical public tran30ation has its own unique features, procedures, and vocabulary. Young readers will learn all about taking the ferry with this book’s simple, easy-to-digest text...
    R300.00 Ex Tax: R300.00
  • Let's Take the Train!
    Kids love trains, and this beginner’s look at train travel is sure to keep readers chugging through the pages. Key terms and historical facts are presented in simple language. Big, exciting pictures of trains on the go complement the text...
    R300.00 Ex Tax: R300.00
  • Tanker Trucks
    Tanker trucks carry huge amounts of liquids—from gasoline to water. These trucks are designed specifically for the liquids they carry. If a tanker truck needs to get milk from one place to another, then it was built to keep that milk cold, too. Young readers learn about tanker trucks as they explore..
    R300.00 Ex Tax: R300.00
  • Tractor-Trailers
    Which part of a tractor-trailer is the tractor, and which is the trailer? What kinds of things to do these trucks carry? Young readers discover the answers to these questions and many more as they learn about these huge trucks. Tractor-trailers are familiar vehicles, and young readers will learn new..
    R300.00 Ex Tax: R300.00
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