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  • Anarchism, Revolution, and Terrorism
    This title is an indispensable resource for those who are interested in the ways that small ideological groups can and have overthrown governments to further their political agendas. Spanning history, this resource looks at some of the most famous revolutionary groups, their beliefs, and the ways in..
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  • Bands, Tribes, & First Peoples and Nations
    Anthropology, politics, and history come together to form an insightful blend in this authoritative title covering kinship, tribalism, and nonurban cultures the world over. Both the theory and practical examples of tribal cultures are presented, with several chapters dedicated to the various schools..
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  • Capitalism
    Capitalism is first and foremost an economic system that prizes free and competitive markets, private ownership, and a comparatively small role for government intervention and regulation. Yet capitalism also has many political undertones and has become associated with notions of freedom, individuali..
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  • Democracy
    The concept of democracy is far from new, but this comprehensive volume addresses some of the volatile questions that continue to puzzle even the best of us. Readers will get a survey of the development of this form of government, dating back to its invention in ancient Athens and continuing to the ..
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  • Dictatorship, Fascism, and Totalitarianism
    Gaining momentum in the early decades of the 20th century, a number of fascist and other authoritarian regimes could be found around the world by the 1950s. Many persist into the present day. Often led by oppressive dictators, these regimes share many characteristics, though each differ in various w..
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  • Feudalism, Monarchies, and Nobility
    Stories of pageantry associated with kings, queens, and the upper class have long captivated readers of all ages. The reality behind how these entities have operated within set governmental systems has not always been as glamorous as these tales, but it retains an allure of its own nonetheless. This..
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  • Socialism and Communism
    The story of socialism and communism is a saga of idealism and cynicism, revolution and repression, power and powerlessness. The entire political and economic history of the modern era is contained in this account, forming a detailed and lively panorama. The world is still grappling with age-old que..
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  • What Is a Democracy?
    If you live in the United States, you have a good idea of what a democracy is. However, there are many different kinds of democracy throughout the world. From the Roman republics to American democracy, this type of government has grown and changed for centuries. Find out more about democracy, which ..
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  • What Is a Dictatorship?
    The rise of a dictator never happens the same way. Dictators have absolute power over a country, but how they obtain that power and what they use it for makes this form of government one of the most interesting political systems in the world. Discover the harsh governments of dictators around the wo..
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  • What Is a Monarchy?
    Monarchies have a king or a queen in charge of a country, but there’s much more to a monarchy than who is in charge. Find out which countries have a monarchy in place and how the system of government has evolved over time. Who once had a monarch in charge? How does power change hands? Who is eligibl..
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  • What Is a Parliamentary Government?
    Britain has a monarch and a prime minister. Who’s in charge of the island? A parliamentary system of government is both similar and very different from democracy in the United States. Using historical text and primary sources discover how governments around the world balance a king or queen with a l..
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  • What Is Communism?
    When people think of communism, they think of the former Soviet Union. The Red Square is no longer the centerpiece for communism in the world, but its impact still looms large in global politics today. Find out about communism around the world, including what communists feel government should do and..
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