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  • Chasing a Tornado
    Natural disasters like tornadoes destroy, devastate, and alter people's lives forever. Some people chase tornadoes for scientific purposes, while others just want the thrill of facing a twister's dangers. In this book, readers are introduced to the science behind tornadoes and to the people who have..
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  • Climbing Mount Everest
    Reaching the summit of 31's highest peak, Mount Everest, is a feat that most will never realize. However, readers will feel like they're gasping for air alongside the extreme athletes featured in this book. This text fully explores the history of expeditions up Everest as well as the intense trainin..
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  • Cool Careers Without College for People Who Are Really ...
    For many jobs in science and math, young adults don't need a college education and may be able to find employment soon after high school. In this practical volume, science and math types learn about jobs in civil engineering, agriculture, dental laboratories, electronics, quality control, fiber opti..
    R450.00 Ex Tax: R450.00
  • Cool Careers Without College for People Who Can Build Things
    Finding a career out of high school based on one’s interests, especially something as general as liking to build things, isn’t always easy. However, this title gives readers a variety of avenues to consider. Readers can consider career as a gardener, sculptor, tailor, carpenter, and even doll maker...
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  • Cool Careers Without College for People Who Love Animals
    From working with dogs to horses to elephants, there is a job out there for every person who loves working with animals. And the ones in this volume don't require college! Giving readers all the tools they need to begin a career working with animals, this text is filled with exciting and colorful an..
    R450.00 Ex Tax: R450.00
  • Cool Careers Without College for People Who Love Music
    Music career go beyond being in a band or joining a world-famous orchestra. And some of them don't even require college! This volume provides readers with all the tools they need to build a career in the field of music without heading to college first. It includes some informative sidebars with excl..
    R450.00 Ex Tax: R450.00
  • Cool Careers Without College for People Who Love Nature
    Many exciting and rewarding career exist for nature lovers, many of which don’t require a college degree. The author presents a variety of jobs that allow people to make a living in the great outdoors, from guiding tourists on whitewater rafting expeditions to photographing exotic animals in distant..
    R450.00 Ex Tax: R450.00
  • Cool Careers Without College for People Who Love to Cook & Eat
    Young people who love to cook for friends and family and explore new ingredients and flavors in the kitchen may find that a career in the food industry is the perfect fit. The author presents a variety of exciting career in which one can cook or eat for a living: cook, personal chef, caterer, and fo..
    R450.00 Ex Tax: R450.00
  • Diving with Sharks
    Great whites, hammerheads, and bull sharks are some of the fierce, hungry predators lurking in the pages of this book. Shark enthusiasts are invited to take the plunge and learn what's involved in shark diving. While most shark diving keeps participants safely in a cage, that hasn't stopped sharks f..
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  • Racing the Iditarod
    It's hard to fathom what it would be like crossing 1,100 miles (1,770 km) of Alaskan wilderness on a dogsled. The frigid conditions alone would make many adventurers think twice about this challenge. Throw in unexpected encounters with angry moose and dangerous journeys across melting lakes, and rea..
    R330.00 Ex Tax: R330.00
  • Running with the Bulls
    Every year in July, the world's attention turns to the city of Pamplona, Spain. Thousands of people pack the cobblestone streets dressed in white and red. A rocket in the sky signals the big event, the Running of the Bulls. Runners scramble to keep ahead of the animals, or at least keep away from th..
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  • Skydiving
    It's hard to imagine there's a more extreme 30 than skydiving. Jumping from a plane at 13,000 feet (3,962 m) or higher seems crazy to some, but those who try it are often hooked for 26. Readers of this book step off the plane and into the high-flying world of skydiving, including tandem skydiving, a..
    R330.00 Ex Tax: R330.00
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