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  • Chromium
    Chromium isn't the most well-known metal, but it's very useful. In fact, chromium could even be called a supermetal. Chromium makes other metals better. From mining chromium to the making of chromium alloys, this book, a complement to any science curriculum, is a valuable look at this precious eleme..
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  • Gold
    Eye-catching gold has been valuable to people throughout history. This thoughtful text addresses why that is. Gold's qualities as a metal is explored as well as the mining and refining process, all key concepts in the elementary science curriculum. Gold's many uses, including in medicine and space t..
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  • Platinum
    Platinum is even rarer than gold, and that makes this metal just as precious. Besides a source of wealth, platinum is used to make jewelry, electronics, magnets, medicine, and other valuable objects. This remarkable element and important science concepts are explored throughout this book. Graphic or..
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  • Silver
    Silver may seem to be everywhere, but it's actually only mined in very small amounts. The minerals from which silver can be extracted and its refining process are found in this look at one of 31's most important metals. Silver alloys and their many uses are highlighted throughout the text, which inc..
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  • Titanium
    Titanium's reputation as a strong metal is well earned. Surprisingly, it's also very light, which makes it an essential component of many planes and jets. This book is an accessible entry into the world of metals and their qualities. Readers will learn what defines a metal and what makes titanium st..
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  • Uranium
    Uranium is a source of vast energy for our world. Learning how this metal is mined, milled, enriched, and finally put to use is essential to understanding both the appealing and controversial nature of uranium. Science terms such as fission, atom, and radiation are introduced to readers in an easy-t..
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  • Weather Explained
    Weather affects much more than how we dress, where we go, or whether or not we carry an umbrella—all 26 reacts and responds to weather in one way or another. Careful observation would show us that crickets are nature’s thermometers, garden ants swarm when summer thunderstorms approach, and sharks sw..
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