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  • Abbreviations
    We live in a fast-paced world. Time is tighter than ever, and we’re always looking for shortcuts—even in writing! Language students will learn all about abbreviations: why we use them, how we use them, and when and where they’re appropriate. The text covers a variety of abbreviations, from date and ..
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  • Amityville
    The hauntings at Amityville have long captured people’s imaginations. There have been books, articles, websites, and movies dedicated to retelling the story of the brutal murders that happened in the house and of what happened to the family that moved there following these tragic events. This comic-..
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  • Analyze It
    Analyzing text is one of the greatest skills a young reader can develop. This book helps readers gain an understanding of what it means to read a text for information, recognize point of view, and search for evidence. Readers will also learn to recognize important components of texts, including the ..
    R330.00 Ex Tax: R330.00
  • Animal Riddles
    Readers will be scratching their heads as they puzzle over the riddles in this book. From cover to cover, this text will keep them guessing as they read through all the animal-themed brain teasers. Clever word play encourages language skills and fun illustrations expose the funny features of each an..
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  • Antonyms and Synonyms
    Big and small. Wet and dry. Up and down. These are just a few opposite pairs familiar to most people. Now they’ll understand the meaning behind these words through this text, which explores all aspects of antonyms. The text also covers synonyms, teaching how shades of meaning can change writing for ..
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  • Bass Eat Their Own Young!
    Many people around the world are happy to make a meal of a freshly caught bass. Would they be so quick to dig in if they knew what was happening below the surface of the water, though? Bass are known to eat their own babies! This is perhaps made even more disgusting when one considers the level of c..
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  • Construct It
    How can you express your point of view to an audience? This book holds the answer to this question and more. This book will show readers how to research for evidence and present facts in an effective way. Readers will learn important critical thinking and critical reading skills that can be used to ..
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  • Creating Fantasy Comics
    Fantasy is a very popular genre of comics, filled with wizards and warriors from other worlds. Readers learn to draw their own fantasy characters and scenes, including a detailed wizards’ battle. Detailed instructions help readers through each drawing project, and sketches provide visual examples of..
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  • Creating Funny Comics
    Readers who dream of making people laugh with their comic creations will learn the skills they need to do so as they create their own funny comics. Readers discover helpful tips for drawing cartoon figures, heads, and expressions, as well as creating speech bubbles for their characters. Step-by-step..
    R345.00 Ex Tax: R345.00
  • Creating Horror Comics
    Some comics can make you laugh, but some are designed to be very scary. Readers explore the genre of horror comics as they learn the techniques used to make their drawings go from good to ghoulish. They follow step-by-step instructions to create a variety of horror characters, such as a terrifying s..
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  • Creating Manga Comics
    Manga characters can appear complicated to draw, but readers learn how to create these characters through helpful instructions that guide them through every step of the process. Readers are presented with a variety of characters to draw, including a martial artist and a monster trainer. They also le..
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  • Creating Science Fiction Comics
    Aliens, robots, and spaceships can all be found in the pages of science fiction comics. They may seem difficult to draw at first, but readers discover that—by following detailed instructions—these complicated characters become fun projects for aspiring artists. Each step in the drawing process corre..
    R345.00 Ex Tax: R345.00
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