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  • Elie Wiesel
    Through his writing, teaching, and activism, Elie Wiesel has worked to ensure the atrocities of the Holocaust will never be forgotten. A tireless advocate for human rights, he has worked to raise awareness of all acts of genocide. Whether he is recounting his experiences as a Holocaust survivor or s..
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  • Ellen DeGeneres
    Comedian, host, and executive producer Ellen DeGeneres, with her Emmy-award-winning show and whip-smart wit, is a household name. But many may be unaware that Ellen's 26 has not always been full of laughs. This book introduces readers to her background--her personal and professional setbacks and tri..
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  • Harvey Milk
    Over the decades, Americans have become increasingly accepting of gay people: in their families, in their communities, and as public figures. This slow but marked shift in attitude has required many pioneers to spearhead the change. Harvey Milk, born in 1930, lived during a time when being openly ga..
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  • How to Contact an Elected Official
    Even though congresspeople are adults, they still represent kids! Readers will gain the confidence to talk to all kinds of elected representatives, from local town council members to the President. Helpful tips about letter-writing skills, modern technology, and more give specific ideas to kids who ..
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  • How to Give a Speech
    Words can move mountains. A great speech has the power to make people care about something that they might never have even known about. In this book, readers learn the particular skills of speechwriting and public speaking. Students go beyond the basics of writing to discover how tone, language, and..
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  • How to Organize a Rally
    Peaceful protest is older than the United States itself. This book carefully presents constructive ideas for building community engagement skills among the leaders of tomorrow. Tips about about how to make a good rally sign, how to get friends and others involved, and how to talk about a cause persu..
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  • How to Raise Money for a Cause
    Readers who dream of rallying their communities toward supporting a cause will love this book. Replete with useful information about holding a fund-raiser at school or in a local community, these books are sure to get kids engaged in fund-raising. Kids learn how teachers, administrators, parents, an..
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  • How to Stay Informed
    Keeping up with the news is a crucial aspect of citizenship. This book provides young leaders with the right tools to make sense of our 24-hour news cycle. Whether it’s advice about reading a local newspaper, engaging with blogs online, or going to the library to find recent books on an important is..
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  • How to Write an Op-Ed Piece
    Writing is not just for adults. Op-ed pieces are a great way for kids to express their opinions about issues important to them, while also building crucial writing skills. Tip sidebars and detailed, step-by-step instructions help students develop concrete goals to go from caring about a cause to wri..
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  • James Baldwin
    Growing up African American in the middle part of the twentieth century, James Baldwin saw firsthand the ugly racism that scarred the United States. Further complicating his identity was the fact that he was openly gay at a time when homosexuality was a crime in almost all states. Baldwin turned his..
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  • Jane Lynch
    After years of theater, film, and television work, actress Jane Lynch has reached icon status. Her portrayal of Sue Sylvester on Glee has led to Emmy and Golden Globe Awards, a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and a wax figure at Madame Tussaud's. She has hosted TrevorLIVE, a fund-raiser for cris..
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  • Jewish Resistance Against the Holocaust
    The Holocaust's atrocities and losses are foremost in most people's minds, but this volume highlights the Jews who summoned the courage to stand up and fight. This compelling volume gives a history leading up to Holocaust and the terror inflicted by the Nazis during World War II. Captivating text te..
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