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  • Did you know that the President of the United States gets his own airplane? That’s Air Force One! It’s a custom-made plane with special areas few people have ever seen, but we can take a look inside with this book. Readers will learn the history of presidential airplanes, check out the different s..
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  • Aircraft Carriers
    Aircraft carriers are gigantic ships that thousands of people call home. These huge floating cities have their own barbershops and are used to move people and planes all around the world. Readers will love exploring the decks of these monstrous military machines, learning how planes take off and lan..
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  • Ambulances
    What vehicle can take you to the hospital very quickly if you’re sick or hurt? It’s an ambulance. Young readers learn about the different parts of an ambulance—from its lights to its siren—and the EMTs who work in ambulances. Simple, accessible text is accompanied by a helpful, detailed picture glos..
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  • Amphibious Vehicles
    Amphibious vehicles are known for their versatility in helping troops and supplies get from sea to land and back again. Starting out with boats with wheels, these machines are fast and full of technology to keep people safe and always moving. Readers will learn about how amphibious vehicles develope..
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  • Armored Trucks
    Armored trucks are designed to keep valuables, such as money and jewelry, safe. Young readers discover how these trucks and the people who ride in them protect their cargo. Facts about armored trucks are presented through simple, accessible text. These facts are accompanied by colorful images of arm..
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  • BMW
    BMW is certainly a brand that lives up to its slogan, "the ultimate driving machine," and it proves that with the bikes profiled in this title. Fans of high-performance, high-quality motorbikes will fully engage in this tour of models such as the R1200 R roadster, the C650 GT city bike, and the S100..
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  • Cement Mixers
    Cement is used to make roads and buildings, and this material is mixed, carried, and poured by its own kind of truck. Cement mixers are common vehicles at construction sites, and now young readers can learn how these cool machines work. Detailed photographs of cement mixers correspond to fun facts a..
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  • Ducati
    Ducati is the gold standard of motorcycles, and fans of the brand will enjoy this full-throttle tour of the company's most elite models. Known for its high price points and even higher standards of refinement and quality, Ducati stands for prestige and class. From the high-tech Hypermotard to the hy..
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  • Extreme 31
    Activities, Quiz, Fact Boxes, Graphic Organizers, Glossary, For Further Information Section, Index..
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  • Fighter Planes
    Some of the most advanced airplanes in the world are called fighter planes. From early biplanes to supersonic jets, fighters are built to shoot planes out of the sky and move with ease at high speeds. Readers will learn about the introduction of airplanes into the army, World War II dogfights, and t..
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  • Fire Trucks
    Fire tucks are common sights on the road, but how do they help firefighters do their job? Readers discover the answer to this question along with many other fun facts about fire trucks and the firefighters who ride in them. Vibrant photographs of these vehicles are presented alongside relevant text ..
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  • Harley-Davidson
    Every gearhead bike enthusiast will love this title for its rich history of the legacy brand known as Harley-Davidson. This title profiles some of the company's most iconic models, from the debut 1911 Model 7D to today's sleek and modern VRSCA V-Rod. Readers can immerse themselves in details such as..
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