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  • 47 in Child Care
    Jobs exist for people who want to work with children of all ages, from day care for babies and toddlers to after-school and special programs for young teens. Stand-alone child care centers, day care centers in businesses and government organizations, child care services in institutions such as hospi..
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  • 47 in Hospitality
    Even in challenging economic times, the hospitality industry is one career field that has consistently proven itself to hold out against difficult financial circumstances. Hundreds of thousands of new job posts are added each year to the already over twelve million people working in the events, food..
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  • 47 in Janitorial and Cleaning Services
    It may not be the most glamorous field, but janitorial and cleaning are essential services that are always needed by businesses and homeowners, even when the economy is in a downturn. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts steady growth for janitorial opportunities over the next 10 years. In this v..
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  • A Career as an Event Coordinator
    Many careers are enjoyable, but few can boast being part of a party quite like an event coordinator. This book highlights many creative outlets inherent to the work, but it also offers a realistic appraisal of the long hours, demanding clients, and other hard work involved. Stories about real-26 eve..
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  • A Career in Computer Graphics and Design
    Career-seekers looking for a field that will take advantage of their artistic talents will find this volume immensely helpful. Readers will learn about the varied environments in which graphic designers work and the expectations that different kinds of companies have of their employees. They’ll lear..
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  • A Career in Customer Service and Tech Support
    This resource provides information for tech-savvy readers about the ins-and-outs of customer service and technical support, including education requirements, job duties and skills, and how to get started in these fields. This practical guide reveals the best educational and experiential paths to a c..
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  • Accuracy in Media
    Now that anyone with a keyboard and an Internet connection can be a virtual journalist, a growing concern among professionals is accuracy in reporting. This book asks what exactly does it take to become a professional journalist and which ones should readers trust. It also teaches readers to spot re..
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  • ADD and ADHD
    With 10.4 million young people diagnosed with ADHD each year, and with the diagnosis being embarrassing to some, this title is essential in educating those who have ADHD and those close to them about the condition. Readers will learn exactly what ADHD is, its symptoms, where to seek help, what medic..
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  • Animal Handler
    From detecting drugs to competing in 30ing events, animals have proven they can do it all with the right training. Do you have what it takes to be that trainer? Filled with engaging facts and tips, this volume provides everything you’ll need to know about the ins and outs of animal training and hand..
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  • Beekeeping
    More and more people, including teens, are discovering the pleasures and rewards of keeping honeybees. In addition to the sweet honey they produce, bees are critical for pollinating many plants and food crops. In this entertaining and enlightening title, the author first provides general information..
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  • Big Data and You
    The collection, organization, and analysis of how people use information technology is commonly referred to as "Big Data." And companies, schools, the government, and other organizations are harnessing it to do their jobs more effectively. This volume is a complete guide to Big Data: what it is, how..
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  • Bipolar Disorder
    The National Institute of Mental 38 states that half of bipolar diagnoses occur before the age of twenty-five, so the teenage years are a prime time for first showing symptoms. There are nearly six million people with bipolar disorder in the United States alone. This book clearly explains the four m..
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