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  • Did you know that the President of the United States gets his own airplane? That’s Air Force One! It’s a custom-made plane with special areas few people have ever seen, but we can take a look inside with this book. Readers will learn the history of presidential airplanes, check out the different s..
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  • Aircraft Carriers
    Aircraft carriers are gigantic ships that thousands of people call home. These huge floating cities have their own barbershops and are used to move people and planes all around the world. Readers will love exploring the decks of these monstrous military machines, learning how planes take off and lan..
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  • Amphibious Vehicles
    Amphibious vehicles are known for their versatility in helping troops and supplies get from sea to land and back again. Starting out with boats with wheels, these machines are fast and full of technology to keep people safe and always moving. Readers will learn about how amphibious vehicles develope..
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  • Angry Birds and Rovio Entertainment
    Since its release for Apple's iPhone in 2009, Angry Birds has been one of the most successful video games in history. Although Angry Birds seemed to be an overnight success, the game was actually the result of years of struggle by Rovio Entertainment, the Finnish company that created it. The company..
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  • Big Data and You
    The collection, organization, and analysis of how people use information technology is commonly referred to as "Big Data." And companies, schools, the government, and other organizations are harnessing it to do their jobs more effectively. This volume is a complete guide to Big Data: what it is, how..
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  • Bitcoins
    Digital technology is advancing all the time, and how we pay for things is getting high tech, too. Instead of paper money and coins, or even credit and debit cards, this book introduces Bitcoins, a currency made up of bits and bytes. Readers will learn the essentials about Bitcoins, the sometimes-tu..
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  • Branding
    Whether you're in business or just enjoying some free time on social media, creating an identity on the Web is more important than ever. Readers will learn how companies of all shapes and sizes use the Internet to form an image and increase sales. This instructive volume also provides examples of ho..
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  • Call of Duty
    The video-game franchise Call of Duty has earned millions of fans through its realistic, engaging representation of both contemporary and historical wars. The story behind the game’s development is just as contentious. Vince Zampella, Grant Collier, Jason West, and their development studio Infinity ..
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  • Career Building Through Creating Mobile Apps
    As more people connect online through mobile devices, apps continue to grow in popularity. There are apps for almost every need: 38, news, social networking, entertainment, and more, all designed to make the user's 26 run more smoothly. And app developers are growing in number by the day, turning th..
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  • Career Building Through Using Digital Design Tools
    The field of digital design offers immense opportunities for creative young people. Digital designers are in high demand to help design and create images for Web sites and digital media. Business is becoming more dependent on Web marketing, which often relies on visual design to succeed. This title ..
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  • Career Building Through Using Digital Publishing Tools
    Printed books are becoming less common as digital publishing grows and continues to be popular. People are getting more of their information online through blogs, news sites, and social networking resources. In this comprehensive volume, readers can learn how to harness the popularity of digital pub..
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  • Career Building Through Using Digital Story Tools
    A person who understands how to communicate a story or idea through digital media has a very valuable skill in many employers' eyes. Ad companies, film production studios, game designers, and publishers constantly wrestle with ways to appeal to a Web-savvy audience. Understanding the nature of moder..
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