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  • It's My Birthday!
    For a young child, there’s nothing more exciting than a birthday party. This book takes a fun look at a child’s birthday with the help of color photographs and strong picture/text correlation. With a strong narrative set in a family environment, beginning readers will love diving into a birthday par..
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  • Meet My Pet
    Having a pet is one of the biggest responsibilities a young child can have. Early readers will love learning about Lucy, the pet parrot that loves to give her owner kisses. With exciting facts about what Lucy eats and what she likes to do, readers will love learning how to take care of and love a pe..
    R285.00 Ex Tax: R285.00
  • My Day at School
    There’s so much to explore at a school. From the books, backpacks, and classrooms to the friends made while in class, a trip to school is a great way for engaged readers to take a look inside a familiar world. With the help of accessible text and vibrant color photographs, readers will love taking a..
    R285.00 Ex Tax: R285.00
  • My Family
    Every family is different. That’s why it’s so much fun to spend time with different people and learn how they live. Beginning readers will love getting a look at what this family does on a day-to-day basis. From making dinner with the grandparents or taking a family walk, accessible text and color p..
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  • My Piggy Bank
    Why are piggy banks shaped like pigs? And more importantly, do they help us save money? Early leaders will learn all about piggy banks in this fun book that takes a look at saving money with the help of a tiny pig-shaped friend. From coins like nickels and dimes to larger amounts of money, color pho..
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  • Where I Live
    Exploring your hometown can be like a vacation in your backyard, and learning about someone else’s city is a great way to expand your concept of home. This fun book takes a trip through the narrator’s town, complete with a trip through their backyard pool, school, and even the fire station. From the..
    R285.00 Ex Tax: R285.00
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