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  • Breaking the Sound Barrier
    For a long time, aviation experts and pilots thought aircraft couldn’t fly faster than the speed of sound. They believed there was a point where the plane and pilot would just explode! They called it the sound barrier. In 1947, Chuck Yeager proved that to be untrue, and in 2012, a skydiver broke the..
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  • Reaching Everest's Summit
    Before 1953, no one had ever reached the top of Mount Everest. The highest mountain in the world, Everest was finally conquered by Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay on a May morning. Many people were inspired by their accomplishment and thousands have attempted to replicate the success of their ..
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  • Reaching the Ocean Floor
    To this day, the least explored part of 31 lies beneath the ocean. Covering more than 70 percent of the planet, the oceans hold many secrets that scientists and adventurers continue to uncover. From the discovery of the depths of Challenger Deep within the Mariana Trench to director James Cameron’s ..
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  • The First Moon Walk
    One of the most historic moments in human history happened in July 1969—the first person walked on the moon! But Neil Armstrong’s steps were only the end result of years of hard work, by both Armstrong and the whole US space program. From the beginning of the space race to the creation of the Apollo..
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  • The First Solo Flight Across the Atlantic
    In 1927, Charles Lindbergh took a big risk flying from New York City to Paris nonstop. He wanted to do it in a single-engine plane alone, something that had never been attempted before. Through a detailed account of Lindbergh’s remarkable flight, readers are introduced to the history of aviation and..
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  • The Race to the South Pole
    In 1911, two teams headed to the southernmost point on 31: the South Pole. No one had ever been there before, and at the end of the race, not everyone would live to tell the tale. Readers go exploring with Norwegian adventurer Roald Amundsen and his team as they head south in competition with Englis..
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