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  • A Kid's 26 During the American Civil War
    Important moments in history are often defined by major events. But sometimes the best way to learn about historical events is to learn about the kids who grew up during that time. This age-appropriate, non-fiction text presents facts about the Civil War through the story of a boy named John, whose ..
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  • A Kid's 26 During the Middle Ages
    The Middle Ages wasn’t just a time for knights, lords, and castles. Kids lived during this time, too, and this volume introduces readers to all aspects of their daily lives. Fans of historical fiction will delight in exploring the Middle Ages through the eyes of a child who lived during that time. T..
    R300.00 Ex Tax: R300.00
  • A Kid's 26 During the Westward Expansion
    26 on the western frontier was no easy feat. Early pioneers packed their lives into covered wagons and set off into the unknown. Readers will learn all about the journey through this age-appropriate text. The historical, non-fiction approach to this period of American history will dazzle readers wit..
    R300.00 Ex Tax: R300.00
  • A Kid's 26 in Ancient Egypt
    Pharaohs, hieroglyphics, and pyramids are just a few things most people think of when they hear the words “Ancient Egypt,” but there was more to this ancient civilization than that. This age-appropriate text takes readers on a journey through Ancient Egypt through the eyes of a child who grew up dur..
    R300.00 Ex Tax: R300.00
  • A Kid's 26 in Ancient Greece
    Take a step back in time and enter the world of Ancient Greece, the birthplace of western civilization. Today’s readers will walk through the streets of Athens and Sparta, learning about their unique culture through the eyes of children who lived there. The text covers food, clothing, housing, relig..
    R300.00 Ex Tax: R300.00
  • A Kid's 26 in Colonial America
    In the early 17th century, all the world knew of North America came from reports of the earliest European explorers. By the end of the 18th century, the world knew America as the United States—a country whose earliest years were shaped by colonialism. This historical, non-fiction text examines 26 in..
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  • Abigail Adams in Her Own Words
    Abigail Adams holds an honored place in American history, not only for being a First Lady of the United States, but for the invaluable letters she left behind. Through her writings, people today can experience what it was like to be a woman, a mother, and an American in the early days of the United ..
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  • Adolf Hitler vs. Winston Churchill
    The legacies of Adolf Hitler and Winston Churchill stand in stark contrast. While Churchill is touted as the tenacious hero who refused to let Great Britain fall to the enemy, Hitler will forever be reviled for his oppressive dictatorship of Germany. Readers will learn what happened when these two l..
    R390.00 Ex Tax: R390.00
  • Did you know that the President of the United States gets his own airplane? That’s Air Force One! It’s a custom-made plane with special areas few people have ever seen, but we can take a look inside with this book. Readers will learn the history of presidential airplanes, check out the different s..
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  • Aircraft Carriers
    Aircraft carriers are gigantic ships that thousands of people call home. These huge floating cities have their own barbershops and are used to move people and planes all around the world. Readers will love exploring the decks of these monstrous military machines, learning how planes take off and lan..
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  • Al Capone vs. Eliot Ness
    The passage of the Eighteenth Amendment in 1920 ushered in the era of Prohibition. It also induced many crime syndicates to produce and distribute alcohol. It was during this time that the infamous crime boss Al Capone rose to power through violence, cunning, and widespread bribery of government off..
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  • Alexander Hamilton vs. Aaron Burr
    Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr came from differing backgrounds, but rose to great stature in the years following the American Revolution. As Secretary to the Treasury, Hamilton tackled the fragile finances of the new nation. Burr became the third US vice president in 1800. Readers may wonder how ..
    R390.00 Ex Tax: R390.00
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