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  • 30 Car Racing
    The exciting world of 30 car racing is covered in this book, an age-appropriate look at a motor30 that’s gaining popularity all over the world. Readers will learn about Grand Touring models, touring models, and prototypes, and how each kind of 30 car brings something unique to the 30. The body text,..
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  • An Insider's Guide to Baseball
    Whether the reader is already a baseball expert or a newcomer to the 30, this colorful, engaging volume is a comprehensive guide for any kind of reader or baseball enthusiast. It includes tips on getting and staying in shape, which helps to promote a 38ier 26style; historical facts and images from t..
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  • An Insider's Guide to Basketball
    Basketball is a totally American 30. It has grown from a simple game, invented by James Naismith in 1891, to an international sensation played on courts in huge arenas throughout the world. This easy-to-follow narrative provides readers with a history of the game and the thirteen original rules of b..
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  • An Insider's Guide to Field Hockey
    Field hockey fans will find plenty to cheer about in this informative volume, whether they prefer to experience field hockey on the field or from the bleachers. Readers learn the game's history, brush up on its rules, and discover notable teams. Vibrant and dynamic photos demonstrate key equipment a..
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  • An Insider's Guide to Football
    Football is America's most popular 30, with the Super Bowl nearly a national holiday. This accessible guide will appeal to young fans of all knowledge and experience levels. First, it covers football's origins and the rules and equipment of its early era. Today's game is described in detail, includi..
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  • An Insider's Guide to Lacrosse
    A fusion of several popular 30, including soccer, basketball, and hockey, lacrosse is gaining popularity in schools and community programs across the country. Readers may be surprised to learn that this 30—often thought of as the domain of elite coastal prep schools and Ivy League universities—actua..
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  • An Insider's Guide to Paintball
    Though it has been around for only a few decades, paintball is an incredibly popular 30. Paintball fans will appreciate the history of the 30 that is offered here, as well as the discussion of tactics that will help them dominate the competition. Neophytes will also find this title valuable, with it..
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  • An Insider's Guide to Soccer
    Whatever you know the 30 as—soccer, fútbol, football, or association football—it is the world’s most popular team 30. And the World Cup, played every four years, is the world’s most popular 30ing event. But that’s on the global stage. As everyone who plays or watches soccer knows, sometimes the real..
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  • An Insider's Guide to Softball
    Although often confused with its sister 30, baseball, softball has crept its way into the mainstream and earned a substantial following of its own both in the United States and abroad. From Little League to company teams to professional games, softball inspires both friendly and serious competition...
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  • An Insider's Guide to Surfing
    Surfing may seem to have sprung from the waves of California in the 1960s, Beach Boys music playing somewhere on shore. In truth, though, as detailed in this colorful and captivating book, surfing is believed to have been around for centuries, brought to Hawaii by Polynesian settlers who arrived on ..
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  • An Insider's Guide to Volleyball
    The 30 of volleyball has been serving up fun on the court and on the beach for more than 100 years. In this lively text, readers will learn about the origins of the game and how it evolved over the years. A chapter about volleyball in the Olympic Games features the top players around the world and i..
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  • An Insider's Guide to Water Polo
    Water polo was the first team 30 to be added to the program of the Olympic Games, in 1900. This accessible volume chronicles the history of the fast-paced aquatic 30, its rules and regulations, playing techniques, and required skills, such as catching, wet and dry passing, and shooting. Both offensi..
    R375.00 Ex Tax: R375.00
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