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  • Abbreviations
    We live in a fast-paced world. Time is tighter than ever, and we’re always looking for shortcuts—even in writing! Language students will learn all about abbreviations: why we use them, how we use them, and when and where they’re appropriate. The text covers a variety of abbreviations, from date and ..
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  • Analyze It
    Analyzing text is one of the greatest skills a young reader can develop. This book helps readers gain an understanding of what it means to read a text for information, recognize point of view, and search for evidence. Readers will also learn to recognize important components of texts, including the ..
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  • Animal Riddles
    Readers will be scratching their heads as they puzzle over the riddles in this book. From cover to cover, this text will keep them guessing as they read through all the animal-themed brain teasers. Clever word play encourages language skills and fun illustrations expose the funny features of each an..
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  • Antonyms and Synonyms
    Big and small. Wet and dry. Up and down. These are just a few opposite pairs familiar to most people. Now they’ll understand the meaning behind these words through this text, which explores all aspects of antonyms. The text also covers synonyms, teaching how shades of meaning can change writing for ..
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  • Bass Eat Their Own Young!
    Many people around the world are happy to make a meal of a freshly caught bass. Would they be so quick to dig in if they knew what was happening below the surface of the water, though? Bass are known to eat their own babies! This is perhaps made even more disgusting when one considers the level of c..
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  • Calico Pie and Other Poems
    One of the great pleasures of reading and writing poetry is hearing how words sound together. “Calico Pie” takes readers to the “syllabub sea,” and the other 22 poems in this volume similarly showcase rhyme, creative word choice, and imagery that are as fun to read aloud as they are to imagine. Read..
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  • Construct It
    How can you express your point of view to an audience? This book holds the answer to this question and more. This book will show readers how to research for evidence and present facts in an effective way. Readers will learn important critical thinking and critical reading skills that can be used to ..
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  • Express It
    The Internet is a great tool for communicating, gaining knowledge, and sharing media online. This book will help readers learn about different kinds of media and the digital tools they can use to share their media online. Safe use of digital tools is highlighted, as well as how to use good judgment ..
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  • Farmyard Riddles
    Forward I am heavy, but backward I am not. What am I? Readers will have to read this entertaining farm-themed riddle book to find the answer. From wordplay to math puzzles, each riddle will have readers scratching their heads and clamoring for more...
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  • Graph It
    Charts and graphs help students illustrate their point in research papers, presentations, and other class projects. This book teaches readers how to read, understand, and create charts and graphs. It also teaches them how to apply that knowledge to real-world situations. Readers will learn different..
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  • How to Plan, Revise, and Edit Your Text
    Good writing requires solid planning, attentive editing, and scrupulous revision. Readers will learn how to do basic research and plan their text. They’ll get tips on editing for grammar, spelling, and overall flow and consistency. This title also covers using others’ feedback and your own edits to ..
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  • How to Use Technology to Write and Publish
    This guide introduces the concept of digital literacy. It explains how technology has made it easier to do research, take notes, and organize those notes. Also addressed is how technology can be used to edit a piece. A chapter on using technology to write with others will prove useful for group proj..
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