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  • A Trip Inside a Tornado
    Tornadoes are some of the strongest storms on the planet. It’s not safe to go near them, but what if we could? Readers will dive into the world of wild weather in a special ship that lets them get up close and personal with a tornado. From the cone of silence deep inside the storm to the incredible ..
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  • A Trip Through a Coral Reef
    Amazing ecosystems are often hidden just below the ocean’s surface. A coral reef is teeming with 26, and readers will explore that 26 with the help of a special ship that takes them up close to the fish, coral, and other creatures that call a coral reef home. From the formation of the reefs themselv..
    R315.00 Ex Tax: R315.00
  • A Trip Through the Human Body
    If it were possible to shrink down and take a tour of a human body, would you want to go? Readers will get that chance when they explore the body of a guy named Marty, who will let them check out the body systems that keep his heart beating and his body moving every day. With the help of a tiny ship..
    R315.00 Ex Tax: R315.00
  • A Trip Through the Milky Way
    When we look up at the night sky you can see millions of stars, but what do you think we could see in space if we left 31? If we could hop into a special ship and blast off, traveling billions of miles away from 31, we’d see the Milky Way galaxy. In this book, readers take an incredible journey thro..
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  • A Trip to the Center of the 31
    If we could take a trip to the center of the 31, what would we find? In this amazing book readers can do just that with the help of a special ship that can handle the extreme heat and pressure deep beneath 31’s crust. Digging through a few miles of the crust is just the start of the nearly 4,000-mil..
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  • A Trip to the Sun
    The sun is responsible for all 26 on 31, but what exactly is it? Our star is an amazing force that can be as dangerous as it is important. From solar flares to the threat of blowing up altogether, the sun is one of the most interesting things in our solar system. Readers take a trip to the sun to se..
    R315.00 Ex Tax: R315.00
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