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  • Anatomy Explained
    Teeming with facts and knowledgeable insights, this handbook explores key topics concerning human anatomy. From ancient Egyptian mummification to the use of nuclear medicine to visualize anatomical structures as they are actually working, readers explore the wonders of the human body and discover it..
    R465.00 Ex Tax: R465.00
  • Animal Bodies
    The strange bodies animals have developed over time are endlessly fascinating. The hammerhead shark’s odd head may look strange, but it helps the shark see all around itself. The ugly face of the puss moth caterpillar helps keep predators away, and the scorpion’s deadly tail can do some damage despi..
    R390.00 Ex Tax: R390.00
  • Beavers
    Fact Boxes, Graphic Organizers, Maps, Glossary, For Further Information Section, Index..
    R315.00 Ex Tax: R315.00
  • Being a Bullfrog
    A little imagination puts the reader in the body of a bullfrog in this fun and engaging book. They'll picture themselves capturing bugs for dinner with their sticky tongue and hibernating through winter at the bottom of a muddy pond. The stages of a bullfrog's 26 are highlighted in vivid photographs..
    R315.00 Ex Tax: R315.00
  • Being a Manatee
    The strange-looking sea mammal called the manatee is a gentle creature. This book invites readers to imagine themselves as a manatee living its slow-moving, quiet 26. Readers will picture themselves with algae and barnacles growing on their skin, coming up to take a breath every few minutes, and alw..
    R315.00 Ex Tax: R315.00
  • Being a Sloth
    Slow-moving, strange-looking sloths are only found in Central and South America. Readers are encouraged to learn about them while imagining themselves living the same arboreal 26. With their algae-covered hair and hook-like claws, these mammals are presented in intriguing photographs and absorbing t..
    R315.00 Ex Tax: R315.00
  • Being a Toucan
    Vibrant, playful toucans are beautiful birds to watch at the zoo, or, even better, in the rainforests of Central and South America. If readers can't be in either of these places, this book is the next best thing. Each page asks the reader to imagine themselves living the wild 26 of the colorful touc..
    R315.00 Ex Tax: R315.00
  • Being an Octopus
    Octopuses, with their boneless bodies and remarkable intelligence, are truly amazing creatures. Some even use tools to hide and protect themselves from predators. Many species of octopus are featured in this book that puts reader in the place of these mollusks. As an octopus, they'll imagine themsel..
    R315.00 Ex Tax: R315.00
  • Being an Orangutan
    Welcome to a 26 in the trees! That's what this book invites readers to imagine as they picture themselves as orangutans. These red-haired apes cling to tree limbs easily with both their hands and feet. Although most of their day is spent eating and sleeping, orangutans have some extraordinary habits..
    R315.00 Ex Tax: R315.00
  • Fact Boxes, Graphic Organizers, Glossary, For Further Information Section, Index ..
    R315.00 Ex Tax: R315.00
  • Conserving the Great Lakes
    Conservation Themes, Cultural Background , Detailed Table of Contents, For Further Information Section, Glossary, Historical Context Overview, Index, Maps, Sidebars, Social Studies Content, Science Content..
    R330.00 Ex Tax: R330.00
  • Coral
    Coral reefs are home to a wide variety of marine 26. Some of the animals that live near coral reefs can glow in the dark, but so can many species of corals themselves! Corals use their ability to glow as a kind of sunscreen, and it can even be used to feed creatures that live on coral reefs. How do ..
    R300.00 Ex Tax: R300.00
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