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  • Dealing with Jealousy
    Jealousy starts in childhood and doesn’t end there! It’s very hard to understand why others have things that we want—especially when we know we can’t have them. Readers are introduced to this complicated emotion in understandable, age-appropriate language. Full-color photographs illustrate the feeli..
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  • Don't Be a Bully
    Bullying is a problem in every school at every age level. Learning how to stand up to a bully is tough—and so is learning not to be a bully yourself! Readers learn what a bully is and many of the common reasons bullying occurs. The main content clearly states that bullying is unacceptable, and photo..
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  • Let's Share!
    No matter their age, sharing is one of the most important skills children can learn and practice. It’s something they will do at school, home, and even later in 26. Through understandable and age-appropriate language, readers learn what sharing is and how to do it. Common feelings associated with sh..
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  • Saying I'm Sorry
    Learning remorse at wrongdoing is tough, especially for children. However, having a few little words to help show that remorse can really speed the process of making up for saying mean things, not sharing, or being rude. Readers see the many situations in which the words “I’m sorry” should be used, ..
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  • Saying Please and Thank You
    Learning to speak in a polite manner can be tough. Sometimes, people receive gifts they don’t like, don’t want to help out at home, or are just in a hurry! Readers learn that politeness is easy to spread with just a few simple words—“please” and “thank you.” Taking the time to thank someone lets him..
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  • Telling the Truth
    Telling the truth can be difficult and upsetting, especially if the outcome could cause trouble. A lie might seem the easier course when you’ve broken your brother’s favorite toy or haven’t yet cleaned your room, though you were asked to. Readers are introduced to the definition of a lie through acc..
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