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  • Allosaurus
    Allosaurus lived a long time ago, but scientists have learned a lot about how this creature lived and what it looked like. “Allosaurus” means “different lizard,” and this creature’s bones are different than those of other dinosaurs. Unlike some dinosaurs, it also lived all over the world. Readers wi..
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  • Anglerfish
    Lurking in the darkest parts of the ocean, the anglerfish could easily be considered the boogeyman of the sea. One of the most hideous creatures--on land or in water--with sickening mating rituals and ruthless hunting methods, the anglerfish is best left alone. Voyage into the dark and learn of this..
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  • Animal Control Offices
    Animal control offices are busy places. They offer many services, such as pet licensing and microchipping, to make sure the animals within their communities remain safe and 38y. Students will be welcomed inside these vital organizations to see their inner workings and will come to appreciate their i..
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  • Animal Shelters
    There are many animals within the United States that don’t have a home. Fortunately, there are many animal shelters across the country that can take them in and help them find loving owners! This book provides a detailed look at the many ways these shelters care for our animal buddies...
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  • Army Ants
    Army ants, with their armored bodies and knifelike jaws, are formidable insects, especially in large groups. These incredible creatures work so well together that they intertwine their bodies to create nests and even bridges across water! Readers will be engrossed by interesting information about ar..
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  • Bat Hospital
    Fruit bats are also called flying foxes. In some parts of the world, dangerous ticks have harmed these bats, causing them to get sick and even die. The Tolga Bat Hospital in Australia is a place created to help sick and orphaned fruit bats. Readers see for themselves how the workers at this hospital..
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  • People might not normally think of bats when they think about jungle animals, but the trees are full of these winged wonders. At night, bats fly from tree to tree in the jungle looking for food and places to call home. Beginning readers take an up close and personal look at these wild animals than..
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  • Beavers
    Fact Boxes, Graphic Organizers, Maps, Glossary, For Further Information Section, Index..
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  • Being a Bullfrog
    A little imagination puts the reader in the body of a bullfrog in this fun and engaging book. They'll picture themselves capturing bugs for dinner with their sticky tongue and hibernating through winter at the bottom of a muddy pond. The stages of a bullfrog's 26 are highlighted in vivid photographs..
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  • Being a Manatee
    The strange-looking sea mammal called the manatee is a gentle creature. This book invites readers to imagine themselves as a manatee living its slow-moving, quiet 26. Readers will picture themselves with algae and barnacles growing on their skin, coming up to take a breath every few minutes, and alw..
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  • Being a Sloth
    Slow-moving, strange-looking sloths are only found in Central and South America. Readers are encouraged to learn about them while imagining themselves living the same arboreal 26. With their algae-covered hair and hook-like claws, these mammals are presented in intriguing photographs and absorbing t..
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  • Being a Toucan
    Vibrant, playful toucans are beautiful birds to watch at the zoo, or, even better, in the rainforests of Central and South America. If readers can't be in either of these places, this book is the next best thing. Each page asks the reader to imagine themselves living the wild 26 of the colorful touc..
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