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  • Origami Bugs
    Bugs can be squirmy, wriggly, and creepy. Origami bugs are just cool! With this engaging book and a few sheets of paper, young artists will read about and create bees, cicadas, butterflies, and other interesting insects. Colorful photographs, guiding illustrations, and numbered directions make each ..
    R330.00 Ex Tax: R330.00
  • Origami Holidays
    Holidays are some of the most creative times of the year. Young artists often want to celebrate using their creations. This high-interest book will allow readers and artists alike to start their festivities with the Japanese paper folding art of origami. Cute Easter chicks, spooky Halloween skulls, ..
    R330.00 Ex Tax: R330.00
  • Origami Monsters
    Monsters are high-interest topics for today's readers, and activities about monsters make this book irresistible! In this entertaining volume, monster enthusiasts will love learning how to create origami figures of Dracula, Frankenstein, the Loch Ness Monster, and more. They'll become skilled at the..
    R330.00 Ex Tax: R330.00
  • Origami on the Move
    Imagine turning a flat piece of paper into a car, bus, boat, or another vehicle. It's not that hard when an origami artist has this easy-to-follow guide at their fingertips. Each activity is presented with introductory text and numbered instructions supported by visual aids. There are even different..
    R330.00 Ex Tax: R330.00
  • Origami Planes
    The angles and curves of aircraft are paramount components in their flight. Airplane enthusiasts will love the action photographs of their favorite planes and then creating their own with some paper and the art of origami. After learning just a few kinds of folds, they can produce their own models, ..
    R330.00 Ex Tax: R330.00
  • Origami Space
    Future engineers will love using their hands to create the space-related projects in this fun book, including a rocket, a space shuttle, and even an alien and its spacecraft. They'll be amazed that a simple piece of paper can transform into such cool shapes, all through the Japanese art of paper fol..
    R330.00 Ex Tax: R330.00
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