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  • Alfa Romeo vs. Maserati
    Alfa Romeo and Maserati are two carmakers that are very similar yet incredibly distinct. Alfa Romero is known for breath-taking speed while Maserati is known for cutting-edge luxury features. Car enthusiasts enjoy debating which company produces the better vehicles, and with this engaging informatio..
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  • Ancient Aliens
    Ancient civilizations generated many innovations that are difficult to explain, such as the remarkable mathematical accuracy of the pyramids of Giza, the man-made fertile soil of the Amazon known as terra preta, and massive stone monuments too heavy to move in Peru and Lebanon, among other places. G..
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  • Ancient Civilizations Explained
    Ancient history covers a vast period from the first written records about five thousand years ago to the fall of the Roman Empire in 476 CE. During this period the world was richly varied in its social, political, economic, and cultural 26. This handy reference book is organized around twelve great ..
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  • Backhoes
    Having a loader in the front and a bucket in the back makes the backhoe a particularly versatile construction vehicle. Readers will discover the backhoe’s English origins and other interesting facts about these iconic machines. They will even learn the source of the backhoe’s name...
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  • BMW vs. Mercedes
    While both BMW and Mercedes are known for their fast and beautiful cars, each company has its own style. Highlighting the similarities and subtle differences between the two companies and presenting the stats and data in handy charts, this book will entertain reluctant readers while encouraging crit..
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  • Breaking the Sound Barrier
    For a long time, aviation experts and pilots thought aircraft couldn’t fly faster than the speed of sound. They believed there was a point where the plane and pilot would just explode! They called it the sound barrier. In 1947, Chuck Yeager proved that to be untrue, and in 2012, a skydiver broke the..
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  • Bulldozers
    Big tracks and blades make these 31-moving machines instantly recognizable. Introduce readers to the parts of a bulldozer, including the three kinds of blades these big machines use. A great choice for young readers, in particular those fascinated by powerful machines...
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  • Cement Mixers
    Despite their name, cement mixers are actually used to mix concrete. A short but informative text explains what concrete is and how it is used. It describes how concrete is mixed in a cement mixer’s drum and then poured out using chutes. Perfect for kids who are curious about how buildings, bridges,..
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  • Cranes
    Massive cranes strike awe in children and adults alike. Readers will learn to identify the basic parts of a crane. They will be introduced to several crane varieties. The roles of crane operators and signalmen are also explained. Marvel at these gigantic machines!..
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  • Elements
    There are over 110 elements, and there is a lot to learn about each. Young scientists will be introduced to the periodic table and its function of organizing the elements by their similarities. Readers will discover the concrete importance of elements in their own daily lives and leave with a deeper..
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  • Extreme 31
    Activities, Quiz, Fact Boxes, Graphic Organizers, Glossary, For Further Information Section, Index..
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  • Ferrari vs. Lamborghini
    Ferrari and Lamborghini have been at the head of racing for decades, but what is it that makes them different? One is known for its scissor doors and the other has sold the most expensive car of all time at a whopping $35 million. These facts and stats, and many others, presented in text, sidebars, ..
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